• 1. Will help you stay within your budget and put your money to good use
  • 2. Does not accept “kickbacks” from vendors or sites
  • 3. Individualize each wedding
  • 4. A professional coordinator walks the fine line between taking charge but not taking control. She will tell you the preferred way from a traditional viewpoint. However, after telling you what is socially correct, she takes directions from you. her one goal is to bring all the components of your wedding together in the manner that pleases you.
  • 5. Concentrates completely on the wishes of the bride and groom
  • 6. Coordinates all vendors and the event overall
  • 7. Is present for the rehearsal, ceremony and reception
  • 8. Someone who minimizes stress
  • 9. Coordinators provide a worry-free wedding for their brides. They turn a bride’s dream into a wedding day reality, monitoring every detail, and taking charge of any emergency that may arise. A calming presence, coupled with wedding knowhow and a sympathetic ear.

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